Affordable Skin Care? Impossible? Not anymore.

In our minds, having a good skin care routine is quite expensive.

When we consider the type of skin that we have- be it oily, sensitive or combination-we always get to think; what can I do to correct these skin types?

We usually see products that seem effective (and most of them are), but are sometimes, too much for our pockets.

Here are some ingredients that could potentially break the bank:

  • some acids such as- mandelic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid..
  • ceramides
  • AHA and BHA systems.
  • Snail extracts.

Sometimes, a skin care product with these cosmetic ingredients cost more than 1000 bucks!

It is our vision in Skin Correct therefore, to provide you with the best value skincare possible.

We emphasize on ingredients- ingredients that are clinical in nature and works in solving the different skin problems namely:

  1. oily skin
  2. dry and sensitive skin
  3. combination skin types.

I hope you can consider us next time you are shopping (hoarding) your skin care products!



The Skin Correct Team

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