“ In search of skin improvement? Here are some tips.”

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We usually go to the grocery or beauty stores to get our cosmetics and personal care items. It is usually our default reaction to buy the most convenient brand available.

Grocery brands aren’t bad. In fact, they’re excellent in addressing basic skin needs-

We need to clean ourselves? Get our favorite soap. We need to have a daily lotion? It is easy to buy our “hiyang” lotion. We buy this often.

However, it is slightly different when our skin has complicated, or worse; chronic problems.

There is a possibility that the “regular” cosmetics we purchase cannot address some conditions like acne, oiliness, aging or sensitive, dry and irritated skin.

Options we should explore if this is the case, are to visit dermatologists’ clinics, or look for products that target specific conditions.

These are good ideas.

Just be sure of the following:

1) If you’re going to visit a dermatologist clinic, be sure that he or she has gone through a strong training program. Usually look for the words “Board-certified” or the dermatologist should present evidence of training, such as certificates or membership within a society.

2) If you’re looking for products, hope that the company you are buying from is honest with their active ingredients.

Ingredients such as acids or extracts usually have stronger effects.

Acids especially, need to have the correct dosage. Too little and they won't have any effect, too much and they could damage your skin.

 Lastly, be sure that the products are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration of the Philippines.

This would give you, the buyer; the confidence that the product you are buying is safe.

 The beauty of today’s world is that everything is easily accessible and all information about products sold in the market must be transparent amongst the public. Use the power of the internet.

With the right solutions, your skin conditions will soon improve.


  • The Skin Correct Team.

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