Sensitive skin, a chronic condition.

Sensitive skin means that your skin is prone to itching- whenever there is a stimulant.

It could be sweat, heat, food allergies, cold or dirt.

Although not serious, it is an annoying condition. There is also no permanent cure for it.

We can try anti histamines, but it could make us feel drowsy and can cause further allergies.

According to a study, 50% of Pinays have sensitive skin. So given our climate, the pollution and heat- we almost always be scratching our skin.

So how do we manage sensitive skin?

First-it starts with a healthy lifestyle. Keeping hydrated by drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day keeps our skin hydrated as well.

Second- we must have good choices for soaps or cleansers and lotions. Find cleansers and lotions that retain moisture. These products usually have a higher oil content or has creamier consistency.

Products that are usually contains fatty acids, natural oils or lipids are your best bet.


-The Skin Correct Team


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