M-Gentle Cleanse 125ml
M-Gentle Cleanse 125ml
Skin Correct

M-Gentle Cleanse 125ml

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For Sensitive and Irritation prone skin.

A mild, irritant-free and soap-free cleanser that retains and maintains moisture. Soap free, rinsing optional! (.... can be wiped off. )

Excellent for

  • Removing makeup
  • Removing lipstick as well, to avoid chafing.
  • Dry,sensitive skin cleanser
  • Daily cleansing and moisturizing.


Active Ingredients are:

  1. Ceramides- Fatty Acids for moisturizing.
  2. Essential Oils (Sunflower Oil)- To maintain suppleness of skin.
  3. Soap-free cleansers- alternative to soap- based surfactants.

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